Canon says: more EF-S lenses

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Velvia - everyone here should shoot a roll today

Yes, low ISO is a problem (you practically need f2.8 to do anything. It costs a bit as well. BUT... it LOOKS NICER: dynamic range is much broader, colours are more saturated (sky is actually blue), the exposure is right and it does not take any postprocessing to get all of these.

Of course, I would not scan it on any cheap scanner but if you view it using a projector or even print on good paper, it is better. I showed my digital pictures and the ones printed from Velvia (the same subject) to the number of people and everyone pointed to Velvia ones as better. The difference is shocking.


Jason Milliron wrote:

mfurman wrote:

I recently shot a couple of rolls of Velvia 50 and was shocked how
much better the colours were (I had not done that for a year). I
have to spend quite a bit of time using C1 or PS to get colours
right when shooting digital. I was also surprised that the exposure
was right in every picture.

Yes, but how does film compare to the 20D at ISO 1600? How much
does it cost to get a roll of slides developed and mounted?

Both 35mm and APS sized DSLR have their place in my camera bag.

-jason m

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Nikon FA and Canon 20D

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