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Re: The Four-Thirds standard

Long live EBCDIC!

So, with Unicode here now, ASCII is dead perhaps? Do we apply the same to EF? I think 4/3's has it's work cut out, just like Unicode.


Doug Kerr wrote:
Hi, Hej,

Hej wrote:

dominouk wrote:

...developments like APS and more
recently digital standards like 4/3 with smaller formats?

It's a pretty big stretch to call 4/3 a "standard".

I believe that the Four-Thirds standard meets most of the accepted
definitions of a standard - certainly as much as the VHS tape
standard did when it was first established. It has been generated
by consensus of a group of organizations, is well documented, and
revolves around concepts of compatibility and interchangeability.

A standard does not need to wait for widespread implementation to
be considered a standard.

Best regards,

Co-author and principle editor
ASCII standard, 1967 version

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