Canon says: more EF-S lenses

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What older cameras?

Hi, DAn,

danh wrote:

What I don't get is why they didn't make the lenses for a 1.6 crop
but in a standard EF mount. At least it would work with older

I'm not sure I follow. If they put an EF mount on these lenses (and actually the mount isn't really different in any signficant way), it wouldn't work on any camera with a sensor bigger than the so-called "1.6 factor" size. The EF-S lenses don;t develop a large enough image for a larher sensor.

Thus if they did what you said, the only camera that would be accommodated that isn't presently would be the EOS-10D.

In any case, it isn't cleae that they could all work with the 10D from the standpoint of mirror clearance (although in fact the EF-S 18-55 will work on a 10D if the rubber interference ring is relieved).

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