Canon says: more EF-S lenses

Started Oct 6, 2004 | Discussions thread
jkirkerx Contributing Member • Posts: 739
Maybe it competes with Nikon DX format and G lens

I see the same questions over and over on the 20D forum " which lens will work best on my 20D", it must get asked 20 times a day. I think Canon just added a ton of newbies with the 20D, like the D70, and is adding a complete new line of lenses based on the 1.6 crop. I wouldn't be surprised if they had an L series of EFS mounts.

Nikon has standardized on the 1.5 crop called the DX format, and made a new line of lenses called G lenses that are pretty nice and affordable. Nikon seems to have the bases covered on the consumer end. But I think this will hurt Nikon in the future, as their pro market continues to shrink because many pro's have switched to Canon Gear.

Both Companies stand to make a ton of money off the consumers and prosumers in this new digital revolution that we live in today. This reveloution will rival bw to color tv's, and the home pc boom.

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