Canon says: more EF-S lenses

Started Oct 6, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Thanks, Doug!

Doug Kerr wrote:

I certainly agree with your practical assessment of our situation.
I just wanted to be certain that inappropriate technical concepts
didn't get would up in the matter.

I was certainly guilty of that

I'm just getting back to photography after a lapse of a decade or more. Although I owned 3 lenses for my old Canon A-1, two of them, a 28mm prime and a telephoto zoom, were inexpensive and relatively poor quality third-party offerings, so I hardly used them at all. I mostly restricted myself to use of the Canon FD 50mm 1.4 which was superb both in build and optical performance. As a result, I never really got to learn much about different focal lengths and perspective differences. Now, thanks to those in these forums, most notably you, Ben (AKA bds), and a few others, I am finally beginning to banish my misconceptions and learn what this stuff is really all about. I am truly grateful for all the guidance
Keep well,

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