Canon says: more EF-S lenses

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Re: Canon says: more EF-S lenses

No, I don't know believe this is correct. The digicam example is not comparing apples to apples. 1.6x crop in DSLR is just a crop which give you the sample results as FF DSLR but with crop so you will still see the distortion from WA lens. You can take a picture with a FF DSLR at 28mm and crop it in photoshop which will look like 1.6x DSLR at 28mm. The digicam with very small sensor, but have their lens (say 7mm) is design to shed light to just on its sensor (no crop).

I agree with ChuckH's assessment and disagrees with ZiPA.

ZiPA wrote:

ChuckH wrote:

But, it seems to me that the tendency of
a wide-angle lens to make closer objects appear much larger than
distant objects and thus result in long noses, large heads, small
torsos and the like would be just as pronounced when used with a
1.6X body as with a FF body. My understanding is that a 28mm lens
would, therefore, give roughly equivalent perspective to a 50mm
lens on a FF body, but would distort the perspective in the way we
normally associate with WA images. Am I incorrect in that

Short answer: Yes, you are incorrect. Just take a look at a
portrait shot with a digicam with, say, a 15-20 mm lens, and you'll
see why. Perspective distortions have nothing to do with focal
length, and everything to do with subject distance.


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