Canon says: more EF-S lenses

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Re: Thanks, JP.

Hi, bds,

bds231 wrote:

Basically, yes. A 28mm lens designed for a FF camera might,
however, produce more of that geometric distortion than a 28mm lens
designed for a 1.6x camera because, intuitively, it's trying to
take all that light it captured on the front end and spread it out
over the backend in a circle large enough to cover that FF sensor.

I think it would be more precise to say that making a 28 mm lens suitable for a FF35 camera with only a certain amount of gemoetric distortion would be more challenging than making one with that amount of distortion for use only on an 0.63x sensor size camera.

That's one reason the Sigma 12-24 is $650.00!

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