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Re: How much can FF sensor cost?

I don't think it always will. Peter is very correct that miniaturization plays a major role, but transistors also simply tend to get cheaper over time. And as plants become better at manufacturing sensors, the price can plummet. Remember, that's one of the main resons the 300D came out at half the price of the 10D -- same sensor, but Canon made "manufacturing refinements" or whatever they called them. Whatever they did, it clearly resulted in a higher yield, presumably for a lower production cost.

To go back to what Peter said:

The megapixel war will cease for two reasons. One, the physics of
optics puts a limit on lens resolution. Two, consumers will see
megapixel as another marketing ploy.

Yes, people like us will figure it out. But consumers will not. I'm not about to sit here and do the math, but I would bet that some of the 7MP ultracompacts that just came out are already hitting that lens resolution limit, and I can guarantee they'll still sell better than their 6MP cousins. Consumers want one easy statistic: Horsepower for cars, megahertz for computers, and megapixels for cameras. I just saw a Circuit City TV commercial where this supposedly clueless mother-type figure laments her lack of knowledge of the term "megapixel," and her 10-year-old daughter walks in and explains it.... That's what it's all about for the consumer.

They don’t need more pixels
for 4x6s.

You, I, and the fencepost know that. Most people only know what the Best Buy salesperson tells them. And the $1,000 camera is clearly the only camera that will give acceptable 4x6s

New cameras are sold not as upgrades, but as 2nd or 3rd units.

Are you serious? You think the average consumer has 2 or 3 digicams lying about? I'm sure that's true of most people on these forums, but I can't think of one person I know who is not heavily interested in photography who has more than one camera (and in fact, the majority has zero). With eBay, it's easier than ever for people to dump their last-generation electronics (though I'm sure many still just throw old stuff away or give it to a friend).

Step back, think of how much you're invested in photography, think of how much you use your camera(s), think about the general aversion to things with buttons most laypeople possess, and then, if you can in good conscience say you still believe this statement to be correct, tell me off.


mfurman wrote:

I think that I understand electronics but I cannot accept that the
sensor itself would cost $5000 regardless of the yield ratio.


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