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Thanks, JP.

ZiPA wrote:

ChuckH wrote:

But, it seems to me that the tendency of
a wide-angle lens to make closer objects appear much larger than
distant objects and thus result in long noses, large heads, small
torsos and the like would be just as pronounced when used with a
1.6X body as with a FF body. My understanding is that a 28mm lens
would, therefore, give roughly equivalent perspective to a 50mm
lens on a FF body, but would distort the perspective in the way we
normally associate with WA images. Am I incorrect in that

Short answer: Yes, you are incorrect. Just take a look at a
portrait shot with a digicam with, say, a 15-20 mm lens, and you'll
see why. Perspective distortions have nothing to do with focal
length, and everything to do with subject distance.


That makes sense. I guess I never thought of it like that before. I know that WA lenses tend to give a more 3D perspective and that telephoto lenses tend to flatten things out somewhat. I didn't realize that that was do to subject distance rather than to the intrinsic characteristics of the lens itself. Moderate telephoto lenses are often recommended for portrait work because of that flattening out effect that tends to de-emphasize those physical characteristics that most people like to have de-emphasized (grin) as I understand it. But, with my old film camera, I was quite satisfied taking pictures with my standard 50mm lens. So, if I understand you correctly, I should be quite happy with a 28mm lens on my DRebel for portrait work? i.e. since I will be standing farther away from the subject than I would have been if using the same 28mm lens on my old film camera, the 3-dimensionality (if I can refer to it in such terms) should be about the same as I was previously accustomed to with my 50mm lens? Is that correct?

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