Canon says: more EF-S lenses

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I doubt that...

No more than the popularity of digital P&S cameras shift attention from Digital SLR innovation.

L glass isn't the best selling glass Canon makes - its for pros, and wealthy/enthusiastic amateurs. But, it Canon still maintains a healthy supply of L glass. I'd love them to produce higher quality wide angle lenses - but owning a 20D, it seems that the EF-S design makes it more likely that improvements in WA lenses will occur in that format, since it is physically easier.

I'm sure over time Canon will bring advances to all of its lenses - more DO longer lenses, higher quality WA. However, EF-S appears to be the new thing, and I'm sure its a priority to test this format out. I know that I'm waiting anxiously for reports on the 10-22.


Roy van der Woning wrote:

I doubt many people will complain that they just bought a $8000
camera and now canon isnt offering them low cost consumer lens in
the EFS mount.

I don't think that was his complaint. The way I read it is that
he's afraid that the shifted attention to EF-S lenses will
potentially throttle down the production of current EF lenses c.q.
the development of new EF lenses.


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