EF-500 (super iTTL) slave operation questions...

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Re: EF-500 (super iTTL) slave operation questions...

i received my EF-DG Super II yesterday and tried everything possible for hours and hours...works like a charm.

when you use the Sigma Flash in "normal slave" mode, it will fire whenever another flash fires (like SU4 on sb-800). it will NOT communicate in any way with your onboard flash or camera. it doesn´t even have any "metering" or automatic flash control in that mode, you have to fully manually set or try the correct exposure. i think this is the only real difference to the sb-800, which can be used in its own "A" or "AA" mode, even for non-TTL cameras.

this mode comes in handy when you want your onboard flash to contribute to exposure which would not be possible with full TTL CLS wireless operation.

for shooting in CLS TTL wireless mode, you have to attach your Sigma to the camera and program it like the manual states. don´t forget to half-press the d70´s shutter to communicate with the flash...

set it to channel 3 and group 1, SL mode, detach and position wherever you like. don´t forget to switch it off before detaching...it will remember the last setting but if you fiddle with the modes off camera, you need to re-attach it and program again.

set your d70 to commander mode TTL (custom function 19) and your onboard flash will control the Sigma but not contribute to exposure.

you will be surprised how far away you can position your new flash

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