Canon says: more EF-S lenses

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Re: Not quite correct...

I was comparing to closest available non-EFS lenses. So the 17-40 sprang to mind more readily than the 17-85. The 17-40 is the cheapest non EFS lens offered at around the same FL range.

My reference to lower quality may have been inexact -- I was referring to the fact that they're slower.

Eug wrote:
The 10-22 corresponds to 16-35.

As for the 17-85 being lower quality than the 28-135, that's
nonsense. Most people seem to think the quality is in the same
ballpark, and few think the 17-85 does a little better in some

PicOne wrote:
EFS 10-22 = same effective FL as a 17-40 on FF, but sells for more
($800 vs. $600), with slower aperture and smaller glass.

EFS 17-85 equates to the 28-135. also slower, and less glass -- I
think I've heard it will sell for about $100 more than the 28-135.

Canon is providing lower quality lenses at higher costs. Brilliant

mfurman wrote:

In this interview

Canon's representative seems to see a bright future for EF-S
lenses. It does not make me too happy - I use my film camera quite
a bit (intend to buy full frame DSLR as soon as the cost becomes
reasonable) and will buy only "full frame lenses". I am afraid that
there will be fewer new, "normal" lenses available.

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