Canon says: more EF-S lenses

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The future of PRO is FF, but not for entry level

Canon itself already has said that it is forging ahead with EF-S, for the entry level/prosumer, and has no intent to change this focus.

Thus, it seems to me that the future is BOTH FF and cropped sensors.

Adam-T wrote:

I don't think for one minute that Canon will cease design of Full
frame lenses, for instance they've just launched a new 1DS and a
new version of the EOS30 (Elan-7E) and 300V (can't remember what
that's called), I don't see them ditching the 1V anytime soon

canon aren't known for updating lens designs often, they've still
got glass which was launched in the original days of EOS in the 80s
(28mm F2.8, 24mm F2.8, 85mm F1.2 etc) so just because they've not
released any new stuff doesn't mean that they've given up, just
that they don't feel the need to - the 28-135IS doesn't need
revamping now as there is an EF-S lens to effectively replace it
(albeit a softer, more CA prone, more expensive slower one) and
there was nothing wrong with it anyway - the 16-35L could do with
replacing with something which is as good as the Nikon equivalent
and give canon users a good UWA F2.8 Zoom but with the 1D-II and
1DS-II, just get the 17-40 and crank the ISO up as it's low noise.
there's nothing wrong with the 100-400L IS either that good QC
wouldn't sort out and the only thing they could do with it is put
in a 2nd gen IS which is only marginally better anyway, they've
replaced the 35-350 with the 28-300IS (a NEW full frame lens) so
that's sorted..

The Future IS Fullframe and canon are there, right on the touchline
with a brand new Fullframer

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