20D & 17-85 is here ... passing on by for now

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Re: The camera ain't gonna change...

Eug wrote:

I don't see the price dropping significantly in the next few
months, and the camera will not likely change in terms of hardware
either within that time frame either, aside from the firmware
(which can be changed on our "older" 20Ds too).

Thus, I don't really see the logic in waiting if you're already
decided on the camera, unless money is an issue.

The logic is in not wanting to risk the hassle of getting one of the few 20Ds with problems. I'm sure those who have had lockups or other problems and now must wait while their camera goes back to Canon for repairs are not very happy. I wouldn't want to spend $1500 for the priviledge of joining them. If you do, please be my guest, but it's asinine to question why someone wouldn't want to take the same risk.

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