Canon says: more EF-S lenses

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Re: Canon says: more EF-S lenses

Here's hoping they'll make some constant-aperture wide zooms in EF-S..I'm so sick of f/4-5.6.

bka1 wrote:
i agree with you...people keep making the assumption that full
frame is coming to the masses andd yet lens development and camera
development keep suggesting otherwise. perhaps people need to
re-orient their thinking. i've never heard a medium format person
complaining about not being able to use a 50mm lens for a normal
perspective, they understand that for them (6 x4.5 that is) the
35mm camera equivalent to a 50mm lens for thier camera is an 80mm
lens. when i talk about a normal perspective lens with my 10d/20d i
think interms of a 35mm lens as oppose to the 50mm lens that is
regarded as the normal lens for film slr.

in a sense we who have made the switch from film to digital have
been blessed in that our canon eos lenses work with both film and
digital and we haven't had to go out and immediately purchase a
whole new set of lenses. on the other hand, the ability to use
these lense has been problematic because it's been difficult to get
some people to accept/embrace the different performance
characteristic of the lenses with the two systems.

the development of ef-s lens is natural and should provide
consumers/prosumers and pros who choose to use the smaller sensor
format a selection of lighter, digitally optimized lenses,
hopefully of varing performance grades, from basic to near L

for now with canon, the cost of entry to the full frame digital
world remains above 7grand!

dominouk wrote:
You're making the assumption that full frame 35mm (format) is the
future? Then why have we had developments like APS and more
recently digital standards like 4/3 with smaller formats? The
general trend for technology is to get smaller - look at mobile
phones. In a few years your full frame 35mm DSLRs may be looked at
as medium format is today, i.e. niche. and be priced accordingly.

mfurman wrote:

In this interview

Canon's representative seems to see a bright future for EF-S
lenses. It does not make me too happy - I use my film camera quite
a bit (intend to buy full frame DSLR as soon as the cost becomes
reasonable) and will buy only "full frame lenses". I am afraid that
there will be fewer new, "normal" lenses available.

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