xD not expensive anymore!

Started Oct 3, 2004 | Discussions thread
OP Dick Rijken Senior Member • Posts: 1,405
250 MB in 1:05 via firewire

I just did a simple test. My 256 MB was full and it took just over one minute to transfer the contents to my computer: xD card in xD-> CF converter, that card into Firewire reader, so xD can at least be this fast... not sure about the effect of the xD-> CF converter...

Are you sure xD is the problem and not USB/USB 2? USB 2 can be
quite picky. If you have multiple devices on a USB bus (or hub) and
one of them is USB1.1, then all will fall back to USB 1.1. I read
my cards by putting them into a Fuji xD-> CF converter and then into
a Firewire CF reader and that's really fast, so I doubt it's xD
that's causing the speed loss.

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