xD not expensive anymore!

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Re: xD not expensive anymore!

They work differently. I believe that at some point I noticed CF to format faster than erase, but xD to erase faster than format.

Just make sure you don't mess anything up, James...

James in Toronto (V 5.58 Beta 82 Build 469:-) wrote:

xD cards might be slow. In my case with my C-5050 for example, I
have, in the camera at the same time, a Sandisk (not Ultra just the
regular) 512MB CF and an Olympus 256MB xD card, and whenever I
format the CF card in-camera it takes a few seconds only to
complete the formatting, but to format the xD card it takes about
20 seconds! Anyone else ever noticed this time difference in
formatting a card in-camera?


Dick Rijken wrote:

I posted the text below two days ago, but got no replies, which is
sorta strange because everyone's always complaining about how
expensive xD cards are. So I'm trying it again with an unambiguous
subject line. Here we go:

For those of you (and that includes myself) who were disappointed
by the recent Olympus announcements, I have excellent news...

Forget the news about the 1GB xD card...

The real news is: xD is not expensive anymore!

I'll say it again: xD is not, I repeat: NOT, expensive anymore!!!

I just picked up my repaired C770uz in the store in Amsterdam where
I bought it and sent it in for repair, and couldn't believe what I
saw. Olympus has slashed, mutilated and beheaded its xD prices.

Here are the prices for 512 MB cards (in euros):

Sandisk CF (slower than xD, I've been told): 55
Sandisk Ultra II (comparable to xD, afaik): 73
Sandisk SD Ultra II: 74
Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo: 110
Sandisk Memory Stick Ultra II: 133
Fuji xD: 160

And here it comes:

Olympus xD: 82,50!!!!! (that's the dollar price for a 256 MB (!)
card at amazon)

That's only about 10% more expensive than Ultra II CF. That's a
difference too minute to worry about when buying cameras.

I'm not talking about some obscure Internet operation. This is a
real photography store with shopping windows, counters, friendly
people, and excellent service that closes at six pm. They told me
it was official Olympus policy...


I suddenly wish the 770 had uncompressed 800x600 video...

For those of you who don't believe me, here's the store's website:
http://www.fotobooms.nl/ ,
and here's the page with the new card prices:
(even if you don't read Dutch, you can still read numbers, right?)

Has anyone else noticed this in other stores?

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