G6, 300D, or D20 for me?

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A.J. Dennis New Member • Posts: 22
G6, 300D, or D20 for me?

I'm seeking a bit of wisdom. Thanks in advance.


I've mastered the Point & Shoot, having taken 20,000+ pictures over 5 years via 3 Nikon Coolpix cameras (latest was Coolpix 5700 with a Nikon SB28 speedlight). A few months ago, I bought a Canon Powershot S60 for the wife. Side by side photos showed the amazing color performance of the Canon over the Coolpix. Net: sold Coolpix, looking to buy a G6, Digital Rebel or D20. The latter two seem to potentially be overkill, but I'm unsure. In a given year, here are the types of photos I take:

High Volume

  • kids playing soccer

  • indoor and outdoor birthday parties (big family - lots of subjects)

  • outdoor scenery (Cape Cod, sunsets, NYC, etc.)

  • holidays (halloween costumes, xmas tree/gift opening, etc.)

Low to Medium Volume

  • dance recitals, school activities

  • indoor portraits (annual xmas card photo)

  • airshows (love those Blue Angels - got some great photos with the Coolpix 5700)

  • a few Yankees games (front row seats - great sight lines for picture taking)

  • the odd auto race (Lime Rock Park)

  • weddings and other indoor events (as a guest - not a professional wedding photographer)

I've had great luck capturing really good photos (I get many compliments on the pictures). But, I know they could be better (color, image quality, etc.)


  • For the sake of discussion, assume that I have a max budget of $3,000 for my next camera endeavor.

  • All the DSLR forum talk about lenses intimidates me. My fears = buying a low quality lense, having to juggle three (or more) lenses, or buying the wrong lense. Coming from the lense-less world of the Coolpix 5700, just how big an issue is this? Would a Digital Rebel (or D20) with a 'good' lense significantly increase the potential picture quality? I'm willing to do the lense thing, but I want to make sure the costs and risks are worth it.

  • Not having spent much (enough) time on things like ISO, FStops, TTL, etc, will I be able to start in a mostly Point and Shoot mode with a DSLR, and gradually learn more about how to manually set/adjust settings to advance my photo taking exploits? Is the maintaining of this option worth the extra $$$? Also, is a DSLR Point n Shoot (Dreb or D20) shot likely to equal or (significantly?) exceed the quality of a Canon G6 PnS shot?

  • Given my uses (listed above), if I do go DSLR, is the D20 a better base platform than the DReb? Or, would I not notice the difference. I like what I read about the D20 compared to the DReb, but both seem to be a fair jump from where I am today.

  • I don't know if it would help the experts to see the type of pix I've taken (and will want to take with my next camera). These are NY Yankees/Blue Angels/Christmas Card/Cape Cod pictures from over the years - let me know - I'll put some on my Website.


  • Point and Shoot (G6) vs. DSLR (DReb or D20)?

  • If DSLR, DReb or D20? Also, which lenses for the listed uses? Assume a total budget of appx. $3,000. The more specifics on the lenses, the better (again, thanks).

  • If DReb, how long a wait for the DReb 400D? (Buying a 16 month old camera doesn't excite me (300D)) Also, is the kit lense (EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens) really that lame/bad? The forum speak on this is concerning.

  • If G6, DReb or D20, which flash? Will my Nikon Speedlight SB28 work on these (I expect not)? The SB28 added a ton of value and use to my Coolpix 5700.

  • Note: The Canon Powershot S60 isn't getting it done for my needs- blurry soccer and Yankees action pictures make me miss the Coolpix 5700 and want to get going with this decision.


I've gone back and forth on the Point n Shoot vs. DSLR. Now that my wife and I have the PowerShot S60 for PnS, I'm tempted to go the DSLR route - and to invest the time to learn much more about photography. IF this is the way to go, is the DReb with lense kit + extras at Costco for $949 a good bet? Would a natural next step be to buy a good lense or two for the DReb? OR, should I spend the $1,500 for the D20 body and spend another $1,500 on lenses and accessories to get going?

This is a big decision for me - I know many others have faced and made this decision. There may be no wrong answer, but I'm looking to make a well informed, confident decision. Thanks for your help.


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