Firmware 1.0.4 up!

Started Oct 1, 2004 | Discussions thread
Robert Scultz Senior Member • Posts: 1,296
delay, and they can't put it on the darn page ??

delay, and they can't put it on the darn page ??
just say so,.... we should all send en Email to canon,

saying, the link is broken, and if it's not broken, but delayed,
to clearly state that,....

and for the angry folks, about that,.... download, anything, of their site,...
couple tousand times, couple MB,... will make a couple of GB traffic,...
just venting,...

but do send the email , to support, sales, website manager,....
so they get the point,....
and still like to get the previous firmwares too,
this should not be a oneway street,.....

cheers, Robert Schultz

jdeal wrote:
Called Canon Tech Support.

Me_XMan wrote:
Where does it say that?

jdeal wrote:
From Canon delayed until Monday Oct 4, 2004


Hilary wrote:

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