Teleconverters and extention tubes for *istD

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Re: Teleconverters and extention tubes for *istD

Look here:

The much cheaper Tamron/Kenko 1.4x actually outperforms the Sigma EX 1.4x teleconverter.

FranchiseJuan wrote:

FranchiseJuan wrote:

Anastigmat wrote:

The Kenko SP and Tamron SP 1.4x (5 elements) are the same
teleconverter and it has received rave reviews. The regular 1.4x
teleconverters with 4 elements are also very good. Either version
would be a better choice than the Sigma.

Thanks for the reply. The only problem is that nither the Tamron SP
or the Kenko SP come in a pentax mount (I would be really greatfull
if you could tell me where I could get one in pentax mount), so
considering that, is the normal 4 element Tamron still better then
the Sigma EX, or do I spend the extra cash on the EX?

Oh perhaps I should mention that the two lenses I will mainly be
using the teleconverter on are the Sigma 70-200 2.8 EX APO, and the
SMC-FA 50 1.4, and perhaps the 77 limited (If I can ever manage to
get one in black).

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