Help fix wrong white balance

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Re: This might work.

Try this for excellent results.

1) Use the eyedropper tool to sample an area that is midtone to highlight (pavement) and contains the offending color cast (blue).
2) Add a new layer to the image and fill it with the sampled color.
3) Change the layer's Blending Mode to "Color"
4) Invert the color by selecting Image> Adjust> Invert
5) Lower the opacity of the layer to approximately 50%

Following this procedure, I did a curve and used the middle eyedropper on the pavement to improve my results.

While this technique requires more time, it yields excellent results.

P.S. This technique is from Photoshop, Restoration & Retouching by Katrin Eismann. A truly excellent book which will turn you into a professional Retoucher overnight.

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