Canon vs third party lenses

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Re: Canon vs third party lenses

I've never tried the sigma, so I don't know what the difference would be. If you get a sharp copy of the Tamron, you'd be hard pressed to pick photographs done with the canon f/28L and the tamron... I guess if you were being really critical you could (blow it up 200% or something like that).

So for the smalll difference in performance, you'd end up spending almost 3x as much for the canon. If I had the money, I'd probably get the Canon... the canon is an internal zoom with full time manual focusing (FTM) and would also be sealed. For a pro, it's a no brainer...go with the Canon... for a hobbiest? I chose the Tamron...maybe, down the road, I might upgrade...but I doubt it.


asneem wrote:


So the considerable difference would be the Tamron and Sigma would
be a bit softer wide open than the canon L. So what are the
differences between the Tamron and the Sigma.I read FM user review
on both these lenses and somehow the Tamron gets a five when the
Sigma gets only 4. Please let me know if this difference is the
price only

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