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Monopods are only good if you have nothing to lean against. Monopods are not as effective in eliminating camera shake as many would like to believe. I think Pop Photo proved that when they tested shooting with monopods. I think monopods are used more for support (saves one's arms and backs when carrying heavy telephotos) than for steadiness. So unless you are using something like a 300mm f/2.8 lens, it is better to lean against a wall or prop your elbows on a table than to use a monopod.

Inplace wrote:
You may consider using Monopod. It helped me before.

Anastigmat wrote:

Robert Shapero wrote:


I have just started doing some work in a local jazz club and wanted
some advice from you on available light photography during live
performances. The club is small and using a tripod is difficult. I
was using a 18-35/f3.5 zoom and a 50/f2, all manual focus. Any tips
or techniques that you find useful, I would love to hear. Here is
an example of some form the last show I did.

The first picture shows a lot of movement by the subject, so a
tripod would not have helped. Neither would an image stabilizing
lens or camera. The only thing one than can in this situation is to
use fast lenses, f/1.4 if possible and use as high an ISO as
possible. ISO 400 is absolute minimum, and 800 is better. If
necessary, try ISO 1600 and even 3200.

If you are sitting at a table, try putting both elbows on the
table. You can minimize camera movement that way. If you are
standing, try leaning against a wall, a post or something solid.
Use aperture priority. Set the lens to the maximum aperture and
just let the camera set as fast a speed as it can. Focus on the
frontal most part of your main subject because depth of field will
be shallow and it is shallower in front of the focal point than
behind it.

Of course, if you can use a flash, do it.

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