If you had a broken D2H meter, plz reply

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Ralph Lemarechal
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If you had a broken D2H meter, plz reply

It seems that the D2h repair that is discussed the most is the meter issue.

It is unclear if there is a relation with the 2.0 upgrade (unlikely but...) or what causes it.

I feel it might just be a well known issue with Nikon and could be caused by poor engineering, poor build quality or so.

At any rate, if people are under warranty then they are more lukcy than others, even though they must separate themsleves from their camera for some time.

A class action would be an extreme I'd rather not engage myself into, but I feel the awarness amongst the D2H community around this issue could be raised. If it appears that Nikon is indeed well aware that it's not a user issue but indeed a element of their camera which does not live as much time as the rest, we might be able to put pressure on them to avoid costs to camera owners out of warranty. (I think I might be dreaming as I write this..)

Would it be just to attempt to have an non-scientific idea of how spread the issue is, could you reply to the following: (and make suggestions or comment on the usefullness of this)

Serial number: (skip the last 3 digits)
Purchase date: (not yours if you are not the first owner)
Firmware version when issue occured:
Was only metering broken or autofocus too:
Number of shots when issue occured: (this seems to vary a lot!!!)
Cost of repair:
Time without your camera:
Occurence of repaired meter failing again, after how long:
Quality of service:
Location of service center:

Do you believe it is just normal 'wear' that caused this failure and feel Nikon should charge you for this repair (vs it is Nikon's bad design/manuf):

The answers for my own case:

Serial number: 2000XXX (must be an early one!)

Purchase date: unknown, have it myself for 4 months, but bought it second hand from a shop.
Firmware: after 2.0 upgrade (don't think it's necessarly related)
Was only metering broken or autofocus too: 'only' metering.
Number of shots when issue occured: 10245 (according to Nikon)
Cost of repair: 300 euros ( US$ 369)
Time without Camera: 1 week (drove to support center)
Occurence of repaired meter failing again: 0, crossing my fingers

Quality of service: poor: they screwed up my viewfinder fixing the meter.... the repair engineer 'forgot to plugin an element back in' when repairing the meter. The viewfinder was all blured, and the diopter knob was not working. I though I woke up with a sudden loss of short lengh eyesight !! I had to drive back, and he fixed it in 20 minutes as I stood there.
Service center: Inca BV, The Netherlands


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