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Re: How to shoot in RAW

Are you in US? Will Casio honor the warrany if you buy it from Singapore?

dmbsmu wrote:
I could not get it to work with my P700.

imatom wrote:
These instructions are for P600.
Did you work with P700?

k8k wrote:
Here's the detailed instructions

1. Power off camera
2. While pressing MENU and DISP buttons simultaneously, turn
the camera on. It should display black and white info screen.
3. Release all buttons.
4. Press Right (> on the joystick TWO or more times.
5. Press MENU button.
6. On the menu that appears you'll see an IMAGE FLAG option -
arrow down and choose that
7. There are 2 options in the IMAGE FLAG menu:
1. BAYER MODE (on, off) - this records raw files
2. C. M. READ (on, off) - ??
Choose the first
When BAYER MODE is on, camera captures a full-size raw image in
addition to whatever image format (TIF, JPG) you have set.

The camera stores raw images in the same folder as JPEGs and gives
unique file names which are derived from corresponding JPEG files,
like this: CIMG0075.JPG --> 0075CIMG.RAW.

RAW mode has to be enabled through service menu each time you power
on the camera

sonicgear wrote:
I can't access the secret menu by pressing the Disp+Menu button &
switching it on.

I've also tried other combinations but in vain.

However, there could be another method??? I'm not too sure. Will
have to wait for a miracle...


k8k wrote:
Does it shoot in RAW like the P600??

sonicgear wrote:

The features are very similar to P600, with just a few added
funtionalities like Business Shot, etc...

Trust, you'll love it!!!


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