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Re: Ask me tomorrow when my NDA is up NT

Wayne Larmon wrote:

OK, its tomorrow. How is it? Really better? Or worse?

Better in some ways but I was underwhelemed. First, the new instrument is said to be much more precise and all that. I can't say one way or another that's true or not. I can say that the process is VERY slow (like 15 minutes to calibrate and profile an LCD). Even my Sony Artisan is much faster (and of course better). The new software is nice to look at, wizard based and has on line help. It's kind of like Eye-One Match or Monaco's wizard type packages which is good. Many users felt Optical was a bit too difficult for the market CV is going after.

However, results where not as nice as I'd expect, certainly not on par with Monaco's Optix XR and the new winner the NEW Eye-One2 Display with Eye-One Match 3.0. The new Eye-One2 replaces the original, looks the same however there is a snap on plastic goodie that allows you to measure the ambient light by the display with a gauge indicating if the light falls within ISO spec. NICE. Also the ability to set luminance.

I did most of my testing on a Powerbook 15" LCD. It's a bit*h to get good neutral calibration out of this type of unit. The best was the new Eye-One2 with the Optix XR coming close in 2nd.

I was kind of surprised to see no counterweight on the new Sypder for use with an LCD but it "held on" and stayed on the Powerbook but the screen is angled back. Not sure how well it would stay in place on a desktop LCD.
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