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sonicgear New Member • Posts: 16
Re: Ex-P700

The features are very similar to P600, with just a few added funtionalities like Business Shot, etc...

Trust, you'll love it!!!


dmbsmu wrote:
I should be getting it on Monday or Tuesday. I can't wait. Now I
just need to learn how to take advantage of all of the features.

sonicgear wrote:
Yup, after adding the 5% GST, it comes to SGD$999, which was the
price which I bought mine.

No regrets with my P700 when I got it 1 month ago.


dmbsmu wrote:

I found a P-700 online in Singapore. I just ordered it, SGD 952.42.
I've been looking for a few weeks now, thought I'd save some people
the trouble. I'll post again when I receive it early next week.


Hope this helps.


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