Canon EOS 300D is a good camera???? yeah right?

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Re: Purpose of post???

other than the obvious (trolling), might you just be a philanthropist out and about on the web spreading truth, dispensing justice, and righting the wrongs in the eWorld?

Honestly.. your post is hardly news to an owner of the 300D. Focus/Recompose issues? It's "designed" this way, and since they take away ability to control "one-shot" autofocus on demand, any self respecting 300D owner or prospective owner should know that there are several options. At the risk of repeating this information for the 1,000th time, but perhaps you (the original poster) are ignorant of:

1) Use a focus point other than center to align composition without need for recompose.

2) Press the DOF Preview button after half-press/focusing.. this will lock focus and keep it locked

3) Install the WASIA Firmware.. this enables selectability of "one-shot" on-demand

4) Buy another camera that doesn't have "AI-Focus" without the ability to control it in all modes

5) Take up knitting and then educate the masses on the quality issues present in today's modern, mass-produced yarns

The 300D is an excellent camera at it's price point. Contrary to your inference, it's sold in gobs (and continues to sell) because it IS a great value and a very capable camera with excellent image quality... not because people drank the Canon/Internet-conspiracy Kool-Aid.

Lives are available on EBay. Why not go bid on one?



John wrote:

Hi All:

I am still in the stage of surprise ( from the day when this camera
first introduced to the market untill now) when most of you here
all agree that Canon EOS 300D is a good camera for the money.

Because, you are all get drugged by the websites that doing the
review for this camera. Because they get paid to do
it.(Remeber:""") I have posted in many forum but they deliberately
remove my posts...i hope my post will dissappear from this website
very quickly....

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