Z3 - the highs and the lows - the tears and the laughter...

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Re: Z3 Bliss

ATWTUT wrote:

I am like you, P mode, Center weighted, anti-shake at all times as
I believe that, FOR ME, it enables me to do better and faster
composition at the 420mm range of the zoom. I use ISO 50 only in
excellent light conditions. Any other times, ISO 100 which enables
me to capture any candid shot I might need to take ultra quickly.

I'm rather P/M mode (rarely S), and I use standard multi-segment metering, or whatever it's name. ISO50 all times. For me it's ok, as I found higher ISO to be too noisy.

But here it comes - next weeks 'convent' (RPG, fantasy, s-f and so on event), when I'll be shooting in extremly bad light conditions (99% of convents are in shools, but this one takes place in old fort with walls 3 meters or so wide and bad lightening). I don't wan't to go above 100, but what else can I do... I don't own any strong flash.

In my opinion center
weighted is the best compromise for all-round photography which
includes any mixture of lighting and where you cannot be bothered
messing with the metering mode constantly

Yeah, Z3 certainly lacks few customizeable buttons. I think the problem is only choosing best metering mode for low-light, becouse there's no problem with focusing in good conditions.

(in passing, a tip to
RuggedToast who started this now hijacked thread : if you have not
already done so, you may want to try Center Weighted to deal with
your overexposure complaints).

Overexposure problems were solved by 1.02 firmware. And before that update I used M mode or exposure compensation to correct it. It wasn't a big deal.

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