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Re: Z3 Bliss

Hi Blob,

You may be both right.

I am like you, P mode, Center weighted, anti-shake at all times as I believe that, FOR ME, it enables me to do better and faster composition at the 420mm range of the zoom. I use ISO 50 only in excellent light conditions. Any other times, ISO 100 which enables me to capture any candid shot I might need to take ultra quickly.

But Microsaft is very prolific in terms of pictures, he also has a high percentage of macro shots (beautiful ones, I might add), and for prolific shooting or macro it is recommended to have Anti-Shake OFF for a variety of reasons ranging from contribution to heat, to extra noise at high ISO in low light.

Metering is a different issue and is a definite "photography" issue rather than a "technical" one. In my opinion center weighted is the best compromise for all-round photography which includes any mixture of lighting and where you cannot be bothered messing with the metering mode constantly (in passing, a tip to RuggedToast who started this now hijacked thread : if you have not already done so, you may want to try Center Weighted to deal with your overexposure complaints). That said, if you photograph subjects which give you time to take the shot, or if you want specific effects in very contrasted lighting conditions, then spot metering is often the way.

Hope this helps.


!Blob! wrote:

Microsaft_com wrote:

For the best results, shoot in P mode, at Iso 50, single focus,
spot metering, and anti shake for exp. only

I don't understand why shooting in P mode & anti-shake for exposure
only will give best results. Sometimes exposure compensation isn't
enough, then you can set everything up in M mode. Anti-shake for
display & exposure drains the batteries more, but nothing else. Or
am I wrong?

I've also found that in low-light it's easier to focus with
center-weighted metering. But it can be only my

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