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Re: Z3 Bliss

Thanks, useful reply - I hadn't noticed the quiet zoom in movie mode, but it is better. There is still quite a lot of sound though. Having looked in a mirror while zooming, I can see that when the noise occurs, something is happening 'in the lense' - this 'could' be the aperture closing down - almost as if it has stayed open until the zoom finishes, then it closes and produces a noise.
Does this happen on yours ?

I've seen a video from someone else on steve-digicams forums, and their's seemed to make more noise in the zoom itself, but it also has the distinctive clicking noise (someone said it was the clock ?).

Ps. have got 1.02e installed. Did have a lock up (screen got all sorts of moving inteference) but on/off fixed it.

Microsaft_com wrote:
The instructions manual state that noise from the zoom may be heard.
Itis muffeled... not silent. And while shooting movies, the zoom
goes into the silent mode. Very handy. Test your cam with 1000
shots. It is funny.
Did you get the firmware 1.02 preinstalled?
If not download here http://www.microsaft.com/z3/

For the best results, shoot in P mode, at Iso 50, single focus,
spot metering, and anti shake for exp. only

For flowers, use bracketing which gives you three exposure settings.

The movie mode really need to be set as single focus.
It works fine.

I have 600 photos to be sorted for another gallery.
Beautiful day here.

However... I'm a bit concerned over the the sounds that come from
the camera (yes I've turned off the various audio). When I zoom, if
I do it in little bursts, its fairly quiet, but if I do a longer
zoom, when I leave go theres a distinctive clicking noise which I'm
sure would turn up on any movie recordings. This seems to be
related to the image / focus / something changing, but having put
it in manual mode with everything off auto, it still does it.
Anybody else get this noise ?


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