Is the 8700 good enough for professionals?

Started Sep 23, 2004 | Discussions thread
Y. Charles Regular Member • Posts: 113
Re: Is the 8700 good enough for professionals?

VR stands for Vibration Reduction. In a VR lens, there is a system to detect the camera shake and the system moves the lens in the opposite way. This results in less shutter speed required in order to maintain the sharpness of images.

I think I might confuse you. To make things easier, Let's assume that you are about to photograph with a 60mm lens. With this lens, you have to use the shutter speed at least 1/60sec to prevent images from blurry result. But with VR function, you can use this set of camera, but reduce the shutter speed down to 1/15 without causing blur.

Canon IS and Sigma OS work in the same way. However, Minolta AS shifts the CCD rather than the lens. But the result is the same --> maintain sharpness in lower shutter speed.

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