Z3: serious banding with new firmware

Started Sep 23, 2004 | Discussions thread
KueH Regular Member • Posts: 259
Re: Z3: serious banding with new firmware

I updated with the E on a 1.01U Z3. I have noticed slightly faster times for turning on and off the camera.

As for the banding, I have had very little before and none since the update. Though the pictures, I've taken since are at night and them seem to be noisy due to being ISO 200.

Looking more closely. I did have a couple of "hot" pixels before the update now that I take a close look at my before photos. The pixels are no longer there now.

The AF does not seem to have improved for low light conditions. Perhaps it a little worse, but that is subjective. It could be the days are getting darker faster.

I have had few crashes or freezes before. I have had none so far.

As for the time, let me check. Spot on ( if that is the correct term). No loss at all so far. No gain either. But I haven't tried any movies yet.

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