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I took this picture...

Well, I've enjoyed the commentary on what I thought was a pretty comical sight when I took the picture. Due to the popularity, I've gone back and posted more photos of the guy in a new gallery:

To clarify for everyone:

  • Not posed. I witnessed him in action for three days at the Ryder Cup... suprisingly (or not) looking exactly the same each day.

  • All Canon equipment. Nikon straps on a few.

  • Huge fan of duct tape. In fact, he had a roll of it hanging from a hook that was attached to his vest.

  • All film. I watched him wrestle with cameras, tripods, and bags trying to change rolls of film and make notes on the canisters.

  • A close up inspection of his badge confirms his name is Alex Jackson as one of the posts indicates.

  • Clearly a known entity in the golf world. He was acknowledged by players and caddies alike. The fans even seemed to enjoy his presence.

  • He seems to be a fan of Stena Line - note the hat and several stickers. I assumed it was related to his work, though Stena Line is a large ferry / shipping operation that travels Scandenavian and UK routes.

  • If anyone has a link to this guys work, would love to see. He definitely works hard.

My thanks to vernix for posting a message for me at pbase explaining why my page views drastically increased over the past week. I couldn't figure it out until I saw this thread. I'll look forward to seeing if the other images spark more discussion.

Lee H wrote:

Came across this on Pbase, thought you might enjoy!


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