annoying comments from passerbys(OT)

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annoying comments from passerbys(OT)

On returning to photography I have been reminded of one of the hazards one encounters when you set up your tripod-the interested passerby-

yesterday,me in shirt and tie after work.

Man "What are you doing?"

Me"Taking a photograph"

Man"I can see that,but why?"

Me " I want to make a print and look at it"

Man [now scowling] "You think you are pretty funny, don't you?"

Me " No,I dont"

Man-thinks for a second or two then says " I bet you are one of those people that wear a tie to keep your shirt clean"

Me " No,I am not [really annoyed now] You lose,again "

Man" "Go and get # & }\^@Z> "+-"

Me"Thank you,that sounds like a very good idea."

Man walks off.I go back to my photo.

These things occur a little too often-I am thinking of using a black cloth to cover me similar to old time dry plate photographers,just to avoid passersby.

It is a common problem that we all share.I have many examples of these.


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