Dynax7 Digital SLR Pricing

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Only niggardly for short term...

cuz over 2-3+ years, the few hundred (currency) will mean much less, if the camera is appropriate for you.

U'stand that budget may affect decisions, but you might better wait out the 'intro period' till prices drop - they will.


(Too many posts about pricing, no?)

whitbycolin wrote:

Probably like many others registered with Minolta you will have
received the nice glossy booklet describing the all singing all
dancing Dynax along with its price tag?

I was concerned about the type of storage media but was relived to
see it confirmed as accepting the Compact flash cards.

However, I was in for a bit of disappointment with the price of the
body only as being £1,149,99!! I thought it might come in at around
the £800 / 900 mark. Then sometime ago I read an interview that
indicated it might come in around the D10 price mark. My concern is
that at 6mp it is not a fair price and the D10 is already widely
accepted as a pro spec model with even that now superseded to some
extent by the newer D20.

I do not think that I will be jumping in at the body only price for
a first generation model. It is announced that when released there
is to be a limited number initially available. Is this to allow for
feedback ready for the firmware upgrade?

I am a keen Minolta user and do not think the price is justified
and perhaps the brand switch now seems more likely.

Regards to all


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