Poor shots from 20D

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Greg Biggs
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I am ready to upgrade now thanks

After reading all these posts from a few naysayers of the 20D, I know I want to upgrade. You see, the reason there are not more truly awesome pictures posted in this forum is likely because the guys who are capable of using this new 20D to its full potential are out there doing just that. I have not got my 20D as of yet but I know when I do I will be spending more time taking pictures and less reading about others experience with it. I very seldom manage to capture a truly great shot. When I do I am likely to take the credit for that shot myself. I am willing to admit that the camera is quite a capable piece of equipment. Much of good photography is about being able to see a great photo opportunity to start with, then being able to compose it in an interesting way to make it appealing or even unique. There is no denying that it really helps to have the equipment that works as best possible but even more importantly, equipment you are familliar with. I want to have the 20D in hand so I can get real familliar with its functions and controls. As time goes by I believe I will output some pictures worth sharing and even selling. Really though, I just want it because I like that new shutter sound! Oh yea, and because it is black! I will be upgrading from my 300D which has too few features regarding metering, FEC, use of servo is limited to sports mode,and other limitations as well. One last thing, keep it simple, make it fun and make some money at the same time.

Florindo Gallicchio wrote:

Not the greatest, but hey, I was testing my camera.

Note: Fairly large images (250K or so). No flowers, dogs,
children involved.


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