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Re: XP major flaw

Rick, no offense to you, but this regestration process over the internet will be a show stopper for not only me, but also for many others as well. The big M may think otherwise, but they will so soon see that their decession to embark on such a ridiculous online registration process will result on software that won't sell. All of us can get by without XP, and there is nothing in it that compelling to have to deal with MS paranoia. Having to register a product each time it is installed is a pain, and unnessary. What if you were in the field and internet connection was not possible? Also, why bother any way? This is NOT the anwser to software piracy. If MS is so worried about software piracy, I think they have succeeded in their goal, as hardly any one will want this OS. Also lets not forget that it is after all just another MS OS. Their track record hasn't been that impressive so far, which is why I also use a Mac. Hopefully the marketing geniuses at MS will come to their senses, but I doubt it.


Rick Turner wrote:
Gail --

I am sorry about all your trials trying to get a working PC. The
registration process in Windows XP happens over your internet
connection, is the push of one button, and takes 1 minute over a
slow connection. It takes about 10 seconds over a large
connection. This should not require actually talking to someone on
the phone at all.

Also -- your optical mouse will work without any additional drivers
in Windows XP. Support is built in.

I must admit that I am confused why you equate registering a
product with the (obviously) painful technical support calls you
have had to endure. They are not (to me, at least) the same issue.
Am I missing something fundamental in what you're saying?


P.S. I don't blame you for not letting Microsoft know how your
issue was fixed. You shouldn't have to use your own money to call
us to let us know of a solution.

gail wrote:
Thanks for your reply, Rick,

As for the registration -- it's painless, it doesn't require typing
in anything (your name, etc.), and it's not for info gathering on
Microsoft's part. You will have to register each time you do an
install of the OS.

Painless, or pain in the rear? I guess it's in the eye of the

I understand and sympathize with the issues however this very same
type of registration process stopped me from buying Adobe Elements
last week. I thought Adobe was kidding when I read their
reinstallation requirements but a call to their order desk
confirmed it. Lost sale.

I'm really** tired of spending my life on the phone with all
these companies whose screw-ups or defective products force me
become like a part-time employee on the phone with them trying to
get the problem fixed.

I had to reinstall Windows ME within a week after buying a new
computer recently. The problem, in part, was because the
manufacturer's tech support instructed me to delete files I should
not have. If the system performed as one was lead to believe, I
wouldn't have had to call tech support in the first place.

Then the driver for my expensive optical mouse, Microsoft's own,
would frequently and sporadically disappear. The mouse would not
function properly. I had to reinstall it several times each week
(will we have to register for mice?). I spent over an hour on the
phone, at my expense, with Microsoft support who didn't resolve the
problem. I finally discovered the problem, but not until I had
wasted a lot of time. I was going to call back MS to tell them what
I discovered but I already spent too much time and toll charges on
the issue.

Shall I go on?

I hope Microsoft comes up with another alternative.


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