Daniella and her angst against D70

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I agree :>)) nt

Matt Kuether wrote:
...oops I just pushed it back to the top.

Seriously though, it needs to go.

Devendra wrote:

its ironic how daniella continues to bash the d70 and promotes the

often these points are noted in her posts:
1. d70 is expensive - its pricing is comparable to 20d for a few
dollars more.
2. d70 gives poor quality images
3. d70 pictures are flat and boring.
4. d70 is not worth its own price!

1. a "bargain hunter" can easily buy a d70 for $900-$950 from a
reputed store, sometimes lower. since she needs examples - here is
Recently best buy had a 20% off coupon for any item. that bought
down the price to $1299-259=1040 with body. one can easily sell the
kit lens and get $300, which further brings down the price to $740.
In fact I sold my kit lens for $379 and I am not even comparing
that. Using the same above calculation one can get a cheap 300d
with a useless lens for $839. go froogle it out.
2. This argument does not hold at all. I have used both 300d and a
d70. I have taken shots with D70 of the grand tetons and the shots
were close to breath taking right off the camera. 300d in
comparision had clear blue skies, but the rest of it lacked the awe
that D70 gave.
3. This is a completely invalid argument. There are several sample
shots provided by people in this forum that just "pop" . I had the
same experience. A 300d without metering does not give pop that you
want - even a basic sony provices spot metering and better pops
than a 300d.
4. see my first argument. Canon 20d is being priced for $1499 and
even with 20% discount it will be $500 more than a d70. One can get
a superb used 80-200 f2.8 nikon lens for that price. it rivals
canons L glass.

Other facts:
1. 300d is sloooooooooow and it gives rise to so many missing moments.
2. Absolutely no spot metering. Limited metering control in the
standard a,v and p modes!
3. Flash sux.
4. Feels like a p&s camera in terms of features.
5. how many L lens do you own - if you do.. why are you using them
on a 300d !

I think d70 wins hands down and if one is a bargain hunter they can
get a d70 for the same price as a 300d. forget 20d it is out of the
range. In fact 20d barely makes it to the d70 mark.

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