Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

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Re: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

Nylazyman wrote:

Rick, and other
I know this is about images in XP, but I just like to share some
Xperience of XP.
I just get my XP beta2 today, and try to upgrade from win2k pro,
fail, it say some incompatible software. So, I go to clean install.
I am "triple" boot my computer now (98,win2k and XP). Installation
run smooth, and does not require a lot of input. but it takes a
little longer than win2k.

Yes, installation is a bit longer -- there's more to install.

I havent try any digicam on it YET.. so bad, I am waiting my first
digicam S75... fortunately, this is 180 days trial, wish S75 wont
delay till Oct. One thing I notice is that, XP need a lot of
memory to run. I have 256MB, i have 4 IE open + 1 media player
play some mp3, it uses about 190MB of my physical memory. Rick,
will you guys optimize XP more before it release?

Yes, we will continue to optimize the performance of XP. However, the OS pretty much grows in it's memory usage according to how much you have. This is not a bad thing. For instance, the size of the filesystem cache gets larger the more memory you have. There are other examples of this as well, so it is not surprising to find the that footprint of the OS grows as the available memory grows. While seemingly counter-intuitive, using more memory actually will improve the performance of the system in these cases.

XP "seems" very stable, BUT IE6 isnt, I get a few errors and have
to close IE.
Well, this is my first Xperience with XP.

Keep filing bugs on any issues you find. Especially crashes -- if you send the crash data to Microsoft (there's a popup each time an actual crash occurs) then we get all the data we need to actually debug the problem here. No additional data is sent, just the data needed to debug the problem. Sending the crash data is INVALUABLE to us, as we really, really, really want to fix whatever issues our Beta sites run into before we RTM.


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