Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

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Re: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

Secondly, the registration process is literally a one-click
operation. You don't need to fill out ANYTHING if you don't want
to. Also, you don't have to register right away. I think there's
a 14-day period once the OS is installed. (Don't quote me on the
14 days, though). The overriding point is -- this is not a long,
laborous process. It's quick. It's simple.

And how do you do it one click if you arent on the internet? A lot of people who have and buy computers arent on the internet. This could be a major pain for people using computers in a business who arent hooked up to the net.

If you have to reinstall and cant do it without a new register number then how can you get set up on the net to get ahold of them for the new number?

I once had some nice little software program that came with one of my peripherals that you had to call the company each time you reloaded for a new register number. I just gave up on it and left it off.

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