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Re: Windows XP -- Compatability - digital camera/photo features

hart wrote:

Is Windows XP 100 percent compatible with Windows 2000? And will
everything that runs on Windows 2000 run on Windows XP?

Microsoft provides the Windows XP Compatibility Center Web Page at

It says:

"How do I know if hardware and software will be compatible with Windows XP?

You can search or browse by manufacturer or product to see which hardware and software is compatible and incompatible with Windows XP and if you need an update.

In many cases, Microsoft, Independent Software Vendors (ISV) or Independent Hardware Vendors (IHV) have tested a product and rated its compatibility. Or, the product's compatibility status is determined through practical use. Microsoft encourages ISV and IHV representatives to submit information about how well their product has worked with Windows XP.

Note This is not necessarily a complete list of products compatible with Windows XP. If you have a product that is compatible with Windows XP and it is not on this list, please notify the appropriate vendor and request that they register their products on the software registration or hardware registration Web sites."

I hope you'll find your answers there.

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