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Re: Pro user wish list -Active and register

Like Rick said, users DO NOT HAVE TO register, ONLY ACTIVATE the OS,Activation and Registration are 2 thing in XP. In this beta2, the first time you run the os, it ask you to ACTIVATE xp within 14 days. If you have internet connection, one click is enough, no form filling. Of course, you can still choose to register after that, but that is optional.

However, not sure what happen if I reinstall XP or "Move" my Xp to new computer.

Reto Bolliger wrote:

Hello Rick,
Thanks for answering all our questions and suggestions. My wish
list as a pro user and photographer is:
First and moist important to me: The OS has to be as stable as
possible and mustn’t crash or freeze if a user application

Second; registration: I can understand why MS will do that but I
think it should be just necessary the first time you install the
system or if you move the OS to an other computer and: If MS has
less piracy because of the registration they have less loss and the
OS should get much cheaper for the end user!
And if I buy a new PC with preinstalled XP it should not be
necessary to register, it should be done by Dell, HP, etc.

Also, I’d like that you support the fast USB 2 connection and
not just Firewire.

I’d also like, if you support Bluetooth, e.g. for
transferring pictures wireless from my camera with a Bluetooth CF
card to my Laptop or to my Desktop PC in my studio.
The Pic-View in Explorer should support all common file types, not
just jpg (e.g. tif, gif, PhotoShop, CorelPhotoPaint, Kodak
PhotoCD(pcd), bmp, fpx, tga etc.)

And: I really hate Wizards, too! I hope there is a way for system
administrators to do their job without using Wizards. They are good
for the first or second time, but not if administrating PCs this is
your daily job.


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