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Re: Memory Usage (was: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features)

Indeed, using physical mem is better than using virtual mem(HD), but how about those ppl with only less memory, let say 96MB? They will hear their HD read/write all the time. It may not be that bad since memory price is so low now

dgrogers wrote:

Son VoBa wrote:

Nylazyman wrote:

[...] One thing I notice is that, XP need a lot of
memory to run. I have 256MB, i have 4 IE open + 1 media player
play some mp3, it uses about 190MB of my physical memory.

I have an older PII/300 system with 192 MB and it runs XP, with
about 10-12 applications active, reasonably well (i was not
constantly swearing at it, wishing that it'd run faster 8^).

The fact that all available physical memory is to be used by the
system is a normal behavior. That is, before paging kicks in, by
design. I'm not sure why you were concerned about what you saw.

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I agree with that 100%. Check your memory usage with other OS's.
Just because it's used, doesn't mean it's a minimum requirement --
it simply means it will run faster since it won't be relying on
virtual memory from your hard drive which is much slower.

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