AF problem with 20d and teleconverter

Started Sep 20, 2004 | Discussions thread
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AF problem with 20d and teleconverter

I did some tests today to see how better the 20D AF was..well it is not working with 2 teleconverters as well as the 300d! I knwo I will get flamed for saying this..but that's the results I got.

The 300D AF was hunting a little but it was locking AF. The 20D was back and forth back and forth..hunting....could not lock AF unless it was in brigth light. So far the 300d is better for AF with teleconverters..

am I missing something here? ain't the 20D AF supposed to be better?

I have also noticed that in order to meter like the 300d with the same shutter speed at a given F number and ISO, the 20D need a lot more exposure compensation. So to get the same exposure as the 300d, I had to use a lot more exposure compensation with the 20d..that was using the partial metering like in the 300d and with center focusing point.

One last thing..the focusing braket of the 20d seems a lot smaller than with the 300d..could that be why it is hunting so much with teleconverter?

I don't see how I can use the 20d for what I do if I cant even lock focus with my teleconverter. Ok it has a faster buffer but if I cannot get it to is pointless to have speed.


ok flame on.

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