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The knot conspiracy

Started Sep 16, 2004 | Discussions thread
Darrell Spreen Forum Pro • Posts: 11,150
Not quite good enough

wooffy wrote:

But I think the problem here may be a business model that is no
longer valid, or at least no longer desirable or optimal.

Most of my experience has been in digital imaging and as a darkroom
tech. Now that I do some work as a photographer I am experimenting
with a different business model: I charge for my time and skill,
not for prints. Clients get charge for the photo taking (and
processing), not for output. They get a CD with high-res images
and a license to re-print those for non-commercial use. If they
want prints for me I make it clear I will provide the best prints I
can get, but I don't overcharge for them.

I agree with almost everything you say but, IMO, you MUST
provide one or two prints, possibly included in your package
at no additional cost.

The reason is simply that they will make prints from the CD,
one way or another. Too often "one way or another" means
poor quality prints which will reflect on your skills, not on the
Wal-Mart store or the HP inkjet printers they used. If you provide
a few high-quality prints, they will be proud to show them to
others and you will get the full benefit from the quality of your

Otherwise, I think your model makes sense.

my 2 cents.

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