Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

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Re: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

I am running Windows XP Beta 2 (or later) on every computer I own or use. I have run into only a few issues, and only one of those would cause a stability issue (video driver hang playing a game -- it's under investigation and will be fixed for RC1). My experience is that WinXP Beta 2 is more stable than any Win9x final release.

As for thanking you for submitting bugs -- I am not directly involved in the support of Beta sites, so I don't know what the normal routine is (whether people are thanked or not for submitting bugs). It's a good point, although I don't know how practical it is (unless you want an automated "thanks for submitting a bug report to us" kind of thing).

I am here of my own accord -- but I am making sure the information presented here gets back to the right people within Microsoft. (At least to the best of my ability).


Morris wrote:

Thanks Rick. I plan to get a hold of the beta and give it a spin.
How stable is it right now? I did the corporate preview of Win 95
and enjoyed the experience. I reported a few bugs and all were
fixed eventually. One disappointing part was that no one from
Microsoft bothered to thank me for reporting the bugs. I did
software development from ’75 to ’86 when I moved into
network hardware. I always thanked people for reporting problems.
Even when it meant that I had erred and would cause it meant a lot
of work. It makes people feel better.

I really like that you are taking the time to ask these questions
and answer our questions. It is a pleasure to know that you care.
Are you doing this out of your own caring or as part of a Microsoft


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