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Re: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

Rick Turner wrote:
Comments below.

St. Onan wrote:

What am I missing here? If I have to do a reinstallation, my
settings for my DSL service and ISP would presumably be lost. At
what stage would the installation thwart my efforts to get up and
running because it's unable to "phone home". It's also my
understanding that should I change motherboards (which I intend to
do soon), the program will balk at the process and I'll have to get
permission from Microsoft to process the registration. How far does
this go? If I change CPUs or clock settings? I don't know, but just
having another potential pile of to deal with is unwelcome.

Registration needs to happen sometime within the first 30 days
after installing, I believe. So there is plenty of time to get
your DSL line up and working before having to register.

If your hardware config changes significantly enough that the code
can't be sure it's the same computer, yes, you're right that the
current plan is you'd need to "move" your registration. I'm not
defending this particular point, only passing on what I believe is
the current state of affairs.

Those of us who are our own system administrators don't need any
additional workload, thank you. Diatribe over.

A bit of advice... don't bother defending the company line on
something neither consumers nor the industry press likes. You'll
miss out on the specific feedback you're looking for and you won't
convice a single soul.

Point well taken. I am not trying to drive people away, but I also
believe there is merit to our side of the situation as well.

As to the digital camera/photo features in question, I really
wouldn't use them. These Microsoft mini apps are generally too
basic and hobbled to be of any real interest to advanced users. My
main concern is that they don't get in the way of the applications
I will use. I don't want to have to battle the OS to have Photoshop
handle jpeg and tiff files. Let me use the programs, printer
drivers and color calibration tools I prefer and I'll be fine.

We still let apps take over file associations as in the past, so we
won't muck with your preferred environment. As an aside -- what
kinds of things would be helpfull to you if they were included in
the OS?


Hello Rick

Im sure you meant this to be a discussion on the photographic merits of XP but this registration thing has become very interesting. I wasn't aware it was going to work like that.
Just one perhaps obvious question.
What happens if you dont have an internet connection to allow XP to register?

I know a lot of people who use PC's but have no interest at all in the internet and hence, no connection.
Does this mean they can't use XP?

Im sure this will loose you a significant percentage of potential users if that is the case.

It's so obvious there must be something you have in mind to get around the problem.


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