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Re: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

Mr. Turner

I use my digital camera to record collections of garden plants. I take thousands of images each month and each acceptable image is named and grouped.

Three areas where software could save me considerable time is in the naming of the images, in the grouping of those images, and in selecting acceptable images.

On a given day, I may take 500 images of 200 different plants in five different gardens. I need a fast way to select the best image of each plant, name each file, and group the images by location, genus, etc.

Typical file name would be something like arnold_rhododendron_minnie_habit.jpg indicating the place, the plant, and the form.

Typical information about each image includes who took the image, when taken, where taken, what taken, form of what taken, size of image in terms of pixels, file size and file name.

Software that would show me thumbnails of the images where I could review larger images and select using checkboxes which ones I want to delete would be very useful.

Software that would allow me to rename the image based on a text box next to each thumbnail would also be useful.

Software that would allow be to group the thumbnails would also be useful

Software that would make it easy to record information associate will a thumbnail would also help.

The key thing to note is that renaming the files is the most time consuming but selecting and grouping images also takes more time than one would like.

Lastly once you have all the information associated with an image in something like xml format you should be able to generate a xhtml tour of the grouped images with all the associated information.

Here is a url to a "finished tour" that was generated from xml using xsl

In a perfect world one would have an interface where one could associate a name and information with each image as the images are taken and then a xml file and file names would be created when the images are downloaded. Software would then aid you in selecting acceptable images and in adding additional information. One would have a way of adding these new images to the already existing set. Lastly one would have a way of generating web tours from the resulting combined xml file.

John Perkins
51 Lake Shore Road
Salem, NH 03079

Rick Turner wrote:

I've been lurking around this wonderful site for a while. Thanks
for all the great content & information. I am the proud owner of a
Canon D30.

In any case, the reason I am posting today is the recently posted
review of Windows XP's digital camera/photo features. I am the UI
development lead for just about all the features mentioned in the
review, and personally wrote the Photo Printing Wizard. I wanted to
give something back to this site, and also get people's feedback on
our stuff (if people are willing).

A couple of ground rules:

(1) I can't be global technical support for Microsoft products, but
I'll help when/where I can.

(2) I'll eagerly accept any feedback, either positive or negative,
as long as it's polite.

(3) I can't always comment on future plans, but when/where I can, I

So any comments or questions? Fire away!



P.S. I also posted this info in the "News" forum but am trying to
move the discussion here as it seems to be the more obvious place
for it.

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