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Re: Windows XP -- digital camera/photo features

I would like to comment that people, please don't expect (and ask) professional imaging features from XP. After all, it is an operating system, and let MS focus on developing a better OS core, not adding a lot of bells (yes, there already are a lot of them in XP

I think the image management features of XP are meant mostly for home users/novices, since they are quite limited. You grow up quickly and will find that you'll need much more powerful tools for your digital photo album.

Some feedback:

1) What I like that that thumbnails come up very fast. But, if you click a file to see full picture (image preview), it is so damn slow and displays "Generating preview...". If you resize the window, it takes another while to repaint the window... And the same in slideshow mode, between 2 images you see "Generating preview...". What takes sooo long? Anti-aliasing? Very annoying.

2) I always display all files and extensions in Explorer. It is annoying to see those desktop.ini and thumbs.db files in each folder.

3) No quick way from switching from web view to classic view in Explorer. Win98 had View -> As Web Page.
4) What is the difference between Pictures and Photo Album folder views?

5) Aquire Wizard is very basic, only usable by newbies (can't rename files with your own rules).

6) One problem I encountered when I plugged in my Sony digicam (USB). Windows found new hardware and installed driver automatically. Very nice. Now, camera should show up as removable disk in Explorer, but not visible. I have C, D (CD-ROM) and E (mapped network drive). It looks the camera wants to use E by default, and since I already have E in use by mapped network drive, it is not visible! It becomes visible if I unmap the network drive. But Aquire Wizard still works on that drive and in Explorer I see my network drive

Yes, there are few new imaging/photo features in XP but I suggest that advanced users don't get too excited! Most of the features are for newbies (because they are too limited or too slow) and just a bloat for advanced users. So, my wish is that Microsoft could work more on his OS (less bells) and let the other companies do imaging software Finally, I must say I like XP as an OS (when most bells are disabled) and plan to upgrade as soon it is available (currently on 98).


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